26 September 2017


Clandestinity of Elsie

Survival horror game developed together with Cole Neumann.

8 July 2015


At the Pits of Urizen

Images to Themes from William Blake’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.

10 February 2015


Képzeletbeli Gyilkos

You think life works like in the crime novels, detective Czeilik? Reality bears no such sense of justice.

6 August 2014

Public DomainCode

Jazz Funk Erotica

Jazz. Funk. Erotica.

Genre: Experimental
Length: 31:52

1 December 2013


My Vulvic Nest

As I close the door and windows, locking out the putrid night, my sister collapses on the bed. I lick the sweat off her legs, cleaning her of her own disease, like a cat licks her young. She shuts her eyes and I cover her with blankets. She curls up on the bed, her spine bending itself forward like a crescent moon, the moon men marching in procession up her belly and disappearing into her pores.

27 July 2013


The City

The city is etched with a thousand slowly fading fires,
replaced anew with every dawn.
Two dogs are ripping at decay found caught between the wires,
then lit ablaze and soon withdrawn.
They huddle up to divide what they by night acquired,
far away from sunlight’s jaw.
By claws and teeth I silently watch as meat expires:
rotting, bubbling, hot yet raw.

7 July 2013


One Tall Bitch

Short documentary film about Danish drag queen Michael E. O. Bonnichsen, also known as Miss OTB.

Made for Praktisk Filmkurs I at Malmö Högskola together with Gökhan Thor Erdahl, Lisa Örtberg and Marielle Lundqvist.

8 May 2013


On Beauty

His blond hair. Him.
His pale cheeks. Him.
His palpitating jaws. Him.
His fourteen years. Him.

16 April 2013


Reflections of a Budding Flower

Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett! Like silk caressing the tongue. A soft, whispering beginning wringing into a delicate conclusion. But it does not end there! Scarlett Nell. My scarlet pimpernel, rising gloriously with the first rays of sun every morning, embracing my eyes. My Lettie, or Cara, as her schoolyard companions no doubt call her. My nubile princess. But I am getting ahead of myself.

8 April 2013



The stillness of the aftermath, before all hell breaks loose again.

Aftermath is a game made in 3 hours for a 4 hour development contest (missed one hour).

18 September 2012

Public DomainCode

A Slow Snail

A slow snail makes its way through an unknown forest.

Made in 4 hours with the theme “Snail”.

18 September 2012

Public DomainCode

=( )= – OST

The score to =( )=, including some tracks that were never included in the game.

Genre: Ambient
Length: 9:14

1 May 2012


=( )=

Enjoy the peace on the quiet island. Meditate. Achieve enlightenment.

=( )= was made in 72 hours for the GMCJAM. Theme: Tranquility.

29 April 2012

Public DomainCode

Lone Flower

Shake a flower, fly an insect, steer a bottle and make a tree bloom in this short, ambient piece.

Lone Flower was made in 4 hours for the Rapid Development Contest.

22 November 2011

Public DomainCode


A short minimalist noise EP, somewhat similar in tone to Remnants.

Genre: Minimalist Noise, Dark Ambient
Length: 11:00

11 November 2011



that’s because I’m a fat pig

Inspired by Michael Gira’s I’m an Infant, I Worship Him.

Made in 4 hours for the Rapid Development Contest. Not suitable for minors.

31 October 2011

Public DomainCode

Knytt Stories DS – World converter

Knytt Stories DS – World converter is a Windows application used to convert Knytt Stories worlds so that they’re playable on the DS remake.

22 October 2011

MITKnytt Stories DS – World converter
Owned by NifflasGraphics


An experiment gone wrong during a power shortage results in communication errors between scientists and test subject.

09801 was made for the RDC 4-hour development contest, then ported into HTML5. The theme for the contest was “The Letter ‘F’”.

28 August 2011

Public DomainCode


Your senses are an illusion. They are unworthy of you.

Void was made in 4 hours for the Rapid Development Contest.

19 June 2011

Public DomainCode

The Lighthouse

A man tired of his commonday life heads for an autumn taking care of The Lighthouse on the outmost island of the archipelago. But war breaks loose and, as he’s afraid to return to the mainland, a single radio becomes his only connection with the outside world.

A tribute to Pappan och havet (Moominpappa at Sea) and Offret (The Sacrifice).

Made in 4 hours for the Rapid Development Contest.
If you think the screen is too small, you can press F4, but 2x mode isn’t really working all that well…

20 February 2011

Public DomainCode

Pillars, pt.3: The Earth

The 3rd and final part of the Pillars-series.

Genre: Ambient
Length: 33:38

6 November 2010


Pillars, pt.2: The Moon

Part 2 of the Pillars-series with more ambience and less drone.

Genre: Ambient
Length: 29:38

30 October 2010


Pillars, pt.1: The Sun

Part 1 of the Pillars-series.

Genre: Drone, Ambient
Length: 45:33

25 October 2010


Skulpturer av…

Melancolic, soft melodies to a dying sun. Inspired by Library Tapes.

Genre: Modern classical / Ambient
Length: 12:31

21 September 2010


The Roots of Our Ancestors

Sunn O)))/Boris/Nadja-esque. So get on your drone hat and get blasting!

Genre: Drone / Ambient
Length: 1:11:06

18 August 2010


Tale of Shadows

A small ambient, buggy old game.

7 August 2010

Public DomainCode


Our third album. Heavily inspired by Swans.

Genre: Darkwave?
Length: 16:52

10 May 2010


Sox Interface

Sox Interface is a graphical batch interface for SoX. It can be used to convert audio files from one format to another.
Simply select the input format, source, output format and directory and click on Convert.

The following formats are supported:
mp3, wav, ogg, aiff, au, 8svx, avr, cdda, gsm, htk, hcom, maud, pcm, snd, voc, wve, xa

Aren’t there like thousand freeware programs like this already?
Yes, but when I tried them on my computer either:
1. They didn’t support batch processing. Just one file at a time.
2. The output file was either completely silent or filled with static noise.
Probably a problem with my computer but still pretty damn annoying.

So you made this yourself?
Not exactly. This program uses SoX (Sound eXchange), an excellent library for audio conversion and effects. This just makes converting many files at once easier.
Why don’t you check out SoX? It’s awesome!

Why doesn’t it work?
Make sure you’ve unzipped it before using. It probably won’t work if you don’t.

Why does it freeze?
It doesn’t. It’s converting the audio and it may take a while (you know, like audio conversion does…). Just do something else whilst waiting for it.

4 May 2010

MITSox Interface


Interactive pixel painting. Move by any key.

4 April 2010



You’re one of three crucified men. One of the others is insane. And so he speaks…

2 April 2010

Public DomainCode

reset – return – repeat

Our second full-length album. Full of ambient electronics.

Genre: Experimental / Electronic
Length: 31:18

28 March 2010



A nice little fireworks-simulator for the Varg42-competition. Change settings.ini to access all the fun stuff. I recommend turning on ufos and dragons and then either earthquake, pixelize or text-based.

31 December 2009

Public DomainCode

The silent night will come

A short, folkish EP.

Genre: Neofolk
Length: 9:30

15 October 2009


Voices From Another Room

Our debut album.

Genre: Experimental
Length: 25:56

3 September 2009