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Level 2

Terminals are introduced in Level 2. Several persons have had problems with these but they're actually really simple.

How the crates should be moved

This image explains how the blocks should be moved:

How to use terminals

In Level 2, terminals are introduced. These are basically computers with an old MS-DOS like environment. For those who have never used MS-DOS or cmd, these can be a bit hard to understand in the beginning. Hopefully, this short introduction will provide you with all the information needed.

To start up a terminal, stand in front of it and press Space. You can now enter different commands (using your keyboard) and press Enter to perform these commands. To view the list of commands that are avaiable to the current machine, enter 'help' and press enter. A list of commands and their arguments is now displayed. To quit using the terminal, enter 'exit' and press enter. What you've done on the computer will be recorded and the computer's state will be recovered when rebooting it. However, it will be deleted when restarting the level (done by pressing 'R' when not on a computer).

List of commands for the terminal in Level 2

connect [ip] - Connects to the terminal with the ip [ip].
open - Opens the gates that are connected to the active terminal.
close - Closes the gates that are connected to the active terminal.
cls - Clears the screen.
exit - Quits using the terminal.

How to open the gates for the terminal in Level 2


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