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Level 5

Level 5 is the last real level of the game and introduces the encryption/decryption functions.

How the crates should be moved

This image explains how the blocks should be moved (this one's really simple compared to the previous one):

List of commands for the terminal in Level 5

connect [ip] - Connects to the terminal with the ip [ip].
open - Opens the gates that are connected to the active terminal.
close - Closes the gates that are connected to the active terminal.
encrypt [string] - Encrypts the text [string].
decrypt [string] - Decrypts the text [string].
dir - Lists the files and directories in the active directory.
cd [directory] - Changes the active directory to the directory [directory].
cd.. - Changes the active directory to its parent directory.
print [file] - Prints the file [file] on the screen.
del [file] - Deletes the file [file].
ren [file] [new filename] - Renames the file [file] to the new name [new filename].
cls - Clears the screen.
exit - Quits using the terminal.

How to open the gates for the terminal in Level 5

We do not have the rights to use the connect function so we'll have to log in as super-user (su). The problem is that we do not now the username or password to the super-user. Luckily, we can find it in one of the files... but it's encrypted. We'll have to use the decrypt-function to decrypt it. In this walkthrough, I've done this for you so you'll only have to enter the following commands (unless you want to solve it on your own and all you wanted was this hint):

>su admin death15
>connect 450.0.0.1

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